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Welcome To Mwanza City Council

Mwanza City Council has two Districts those are Ilemela and Nyamagana in a geographic area of 1337 kilometer square where by 900 kilometer square (68%) of the Area is surrounded by water and 437 kilometer square (32%) the remained is a main land. In 1337 kilometer square Ilemela District has 1080.55 kilometer square, 828.45 kilometer square (76.6%) of Ilemela district is covered by water and 252.10 kilometer square (23.3%) is the main land.

Nyamagana District has a geographic area of 256.45 kilometer square, 72.45 kilometer square (28%) of Nyamagana District is covered by water and 184 (72%) is the main land Mwanza City is located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria in Northwest Tanzania. On the North it is bordered by Lake Victoria and Ukerewe District, Misungwi District to the South, Sengerema District to the West, and Magu District to the East. It is situated between latitudes 20 15 south – 20 45 just South of the Equator and between longitudes 320 45’ – 33.000 east. The city lies at an altitude of 1,140 metres above the sea level. It covers an area of 1324km2 out of these 424km2(32%) is dry land and 900km2 (68%) is covered by water.

Vision of Mwanza City Council

Mwanza City Council enters the 21st Century with hopes and inspirations as articulated in the goals of the Tanzania’s Development Vision 2025. Consistent with this development vision, Mwanza City in 2025 ...

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Mission Of Mwanza City Council

To achieve its Vision, Mwanza City Council has adapted the following Mission Statement, which is generally focused on empowering the community and improving the standards of living of the population...

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